As an Organization

Register an activity/initiative/event and become a partner by completing the online registration form with your activity information and contact details. The Activity has to be related to one or more aspects of sustainability. Applications will be reviewed and published within 3 working days.


As a Individual

Check this year’s events from the events page; participate and attend. You can choose from a wide variety of  edutainment activities, family and technical workshops, seminars, conferences, and competitions. 



What is QSW?

Qatar Sustainability Week is a National Campaign that aims to engage the community in a wide range of sustainability-related activities to achieve the global sustainability goals outlined in the Qatar National Vision 2030.


What Can I Do in QSW 2023?

As an organization, you can become a QSW partner and register your sustainability actions and/or register your sustainability-related initiative/activity/event to be published on the QSW website.

As an individual participant, you can enjoy several open to the public activities, attend events that extend your knowledge about sustainability and join competitions. Learn and start making changes in your daily lifestyle and be more sustainable.


Who Can Become a QSW Partner?

Whether you are a government or private entity, hotel, restaurant, university, school or a community group, you can participate in Qatar Sustainability Week.


What Are My Roles and Responsibilities as a Partner in QSW?

As soon as your register your activity and it is published on the QSW 2023 website, you will receive a welcome pack including branding, requirements and support with media and social media.


Why Become a QSW Partner?

This is an opportunity to showcase the organization’s existing sustainable initiatives, announce and launch new ones and raise awareness within the community. You will also receive additional coverage on social media and media as a leader in this movement.


What changes can I / We make to be more sustainable?


  • Use water efficient fixtures
  • Add faucet aerators
  • Use timed and censored fixtures



  • Track and monitor consumption
  • Switch off unused lights and electronics
  • Set AC temperature to 22–24C when needed



  • Reduce Food Waste
  • Save leftovers for later
  • Store food properly
  • Compost organic and food waste



  • Use the metro
  • Car pool
  • Cycle or walk
  • Use Hybrid or electric cars



  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (Paper, Plastic, Metal, Food, Donate)
  • Ban single use plastics like water bottles, cutlery, cups, bags, packaging and containers
  • Think twice before you print


Healthy Spaces

  • Improve indoor air quality Improve ventilation
  • Take advantage of daylight
  • Connect to nature



  • Use Eco-friendly products
  • Support local products and materials


Well being: Physical, Social and Mental

  • Choose healthy food options
  • Stay hydrated
  • Stay active


Contact Us

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